The Difference Between Property Managers and Landlords

If you are looking to rent property in northern Colorado, whether it’s a single-family home, apartment, or condo, you should become familiar with the differences between a landlord and a property manager. Although both property managers and landlords rent properties, have similar roles, they do function differently. Typically, landlords do not always work with property managers, but if a property manager is involved—there is likely a landlord that works behind the scenes. Mountain-n-Plains, Inc. is the leading property management company serving Fort Collins, Loveland, and the surrounding areas, and we want to clear up the differences between our role and the role of your resident’s landlord.


What Does a Property Manager Do?

Think of property managers as a middle man between tenants and landlords. Property managers can represent the landlord when dealing with prospective and current tenants. The landlords and property managers will have a formal agreement in place so there is a clear understanding of who is responsible for what, and how much authority a property manager has over the landlord’s properties. If a tenant runs into an issue that requires the landlord’s attention, the property management company will get the landlord involved, and vice versa.


As far as a basic property manager’s responsibilities go, Mountain n Plains’ surpasses other property managers’ in northern Colorado. We handle the standard responsibilities like advertising available rentals in Fort Collins, collecting applications from prospective renters, as well as running credit reports and background checks. The property managers at Mountain n Plains take these routine tasks a step further. Our team will market vacant properties online on several websites including Facebook, and network with area Realtors and the nearest college campus, Colorado State University, to appeal to college students in the area. Our property managers will personally accompany prospective renters at each property showing to ensure that any and all questions are answered and go over our policies. Mountain N Plains works tediously to protect your investment and will work closely with landlords to ensure that renters comply with governmental laws, ordinances, and regulations.


What Does a Landlord Do?  

When you rent solely from a landlord, you are renting from the owner of the property. Landlords who do not have a property management company will typically create their own lease terms, determine rent and security deposits, as well as handle maintenance of the property. If and when a maintenance request is made to the landlord, it’s up to them to resolve the problem. Whereas a property management company will have a crew of maintenance technicians that are readily available within a 24-hour notice to resolve the property issues.


When you have found a rental property that you are ready to move into, be sure to find out whether or not the property will be managed by a landlord only, or a property management company. Being aware of who will be managing a rental property helps tenants make their decisions on whether or not they will pursue an available rental.


At Mountain N Plains, our expertise in the real estate management industry is relied on by landlords and property owners in northern Colorado. We serve as the leading property management company in the area to manage every aspect of the rental process, while protecting property owners’ investments. If you own a home, apartment, condominium, or office space and you are seeking to rent the property out, contact Mountain N Plains today!