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Our Property Management in Fort Collins Has Rentals Available Now

The rental market in Northern Colorado is incredibly tight right now, and if you are looking for a place you’ll need to move quickly in order to find something you’ll love. Cut out the middle man of looking in newspapers or on online sites and go directly to the source for a better chance of… read more

“What a gift to my investment and my peace of mind”

“I have been a client of Mountain-n-Plains for over 20 years, entrusting to them the management of the first house I ever purchased, now a rental.  In over 20 years, I’ve had absolutely no reason to complain, and many reasons to be grateful for their help and expertise.  In general, it is wonderful to have… read more

“It has been such a treat working with you”

“Charlie, it has been such a treat working with you as well as the others at MnP. I don’t know how we could have gotten through what happened without Justin and Charissa and that is a reflection of the tone you set within this company you started. I wish all the best to you going… read more