3 Tips for Renters on How to Navigate a Tight Rental Market

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Finding a rental in Fort Collins can be challenging. The northern Front Range in Colorado is seeing record growth everywhere, as the economy continues to thrive. There is also a very low unemployment rate, which means many people have jobs and have income to pay for rentals in Fort Collins. This makes the rental market in Fort Collins extremely tight.

Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services is the best property management company in Fort Collins. We have 40 years of experience managing both residential and commercial properties and finding great tenants along the way. We specialize in taking care of our tenants and our property owners. Below, we’ll offer up tips for renters in Fort Collins as they look for rental properties. Contact us today for your next rental!


Plan in Advance

If you know you will need a new commercial space or rental home in the near future, you should begin your search now as much in advance as possible. With so few options and the competition steep, you’ll need to be prepared to act fast once do you find the rental property for you. Know what you are looking for in a rental in Fort Collins, which will help you make a quick and easy decision when the property arises.

Work on Your Credit

In a tight rental market, the landlords can afford to be choosy with whom they rent to. You’ll want to put your best foot forward as you search for your new rental property. This means your credit history will play a bigger role in the landlords’ decision to rent to you or not. You can choose to work with a credit repair company in order to repair your credit. Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services, the best property management company in Fort Collins, notes that making on time payments and clearing up any collections will go a long way to increasing your credit score.

Be Prepared for a Longer Lease Term

Landlords will also be looking to make the most advantageous deal for themselves for a Fort Collins rental. Hence, they may choose to require a longer lease term, especially for commercial businesses, since this results in less costs for the landlord in the long run. There will be less keys to change out, less time involved in finding new renters, and the like. Keep this in mind when searching for your new office space or home.


Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services has almost 40 years of experience managing and renting properties in Fort Collins and the surrounding area. We have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of families and commercial businesses find the perfect rental for them.

As a top rated Fort Collins property management company, we will sit down with you to determine your needs and aid in the search. When you partner with us, we can use our knowledge of the rental market and the real estate market to find you the perfect residential or commercial Fort Collins rental. Contact us today to get started!