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5 Ways to Improve Your Home Value

  As a homeowner, you know that maintaining or increasing your property value is essential if you plan on one day reselling your investment. Fortunately, increasing your home’s value doesn’t have to be time-consuming or even costly. In this blog post, we share five basic home renovation tips to help you increase the value of… read more

Recycling And Your Property

  Getting the most out of your investment property means being a thorough landlord. This means providing your tenants with a fair and lawful lease agreement, fixing things when they break, and a multitude of other responsibilities. While these are responsibilities that you are required to fulfill, there are other responsibilities you should be conscious… read more

Your Lease Agreement

Your Rental Property and Lease Agreement Taking care of your investment property is an on-going responsibility. As a homeowner and landlord, you know just how important it is to have a close relationship with your tenants. It is equally important that you take care of the property in multiple ways, and one of those ways… read more

Upgrades To Rental Properties And When To Talk To Your Landlord

Getting Property Management Approval Before Upgrading Your Rental When considering turning the place that you rent into the place you call home, you might have some great ideas for upgrades to the home. You’re thinking new paint, some pictures, wall decals and new curtains. Your landlord is thinking of repairs. However, some landlords could potentially… read more

Beautiful 3 Bedroom Rental In Fort Collins!

Looking for a house or apartment to rent in Fort Collins and Loveland is getting increasingly difficult. Or so you thought. With Mountains-N-Plains Real Estate, we make it easy to find rentals in Fort Collins, and even easier to move in. Take a look at this featured rental property that we have available for rent… read more

Realities Of A Competitive Market

Fort Collins, Colorado has made it to the top of the charts in a variety of different survey’s. Being one of the fittest and happiest places we live, it’s not surprising. With what this city has to offer outdoorsmen, families, techies, or beer enthusiasts, there really is something for everyone. However, the same can not… read more

Restricted Breed List And Large Dogs

  When looking for a place to rent there can be many difficulties you face. From finding the right amount of space that is in your price range, to finding the right neighborhood, it can end up being a long and arduous search. But finding the right apartment or house to rent is mostly about fitting… read more

Rules You Should Know As A Tenant

When it comes to being a tenant, there is a never ending list of rules for you to abide by. While this might seem like a nuisance to you as a tenant, it’s important that you look at it from the perspective of the property owner’s eyes. As far as they’re concerned, this property is… read more

The Benefits Of Using Our Fort Collins Property Management Services

Here at Mountains-N-Plains, a trusted Fort Collins property management company since 1979, we can help add significant value to your property investment. Today we’re going to look at a few reasons why property managers are worth their weight in gold and how we can help make your life simpler. We help you find higher quality… read more

Moving Made Easy

Tired of your landlord? Trying to figure out the best way to optimize your finances? Live in Northern Colorado? Sounds like we got here just in time. Everyone has been in that position where they dislike their current landlord or are moving into a new unknown place. Property management service Northern Colorado is a great… read more

Our Property Management in Fort Collins Has Rentals Available Now

The rental market in Northern Colorado is incredibly tight right now, and if you are looking for a place you’ll need to move quickly in order to find something you’ll love. Cut out the middle man of looking in newspapers or on online sites and go directly to the source for a better chance of… read more

“What a gift to my investment and my peace of mind”

“I have been a client of Mountain-n-Plains for over 20 years, entrusting to them the management of the first house I ever purchased, now a rental.  In over 20 years, I’ve had absolutely no reason to complain, and many reasons to be grateful for their help and expertise.  In general, it is wonderful to have… read more

“It has been such a treat working with you”

“Charlie, it has been such a treat working with you as well as the others at MnP. I don’t know how we could have gotten through what happened without Justin and Charissa and that is a reflection of the tone you set within this company you started. I wish all the best to you going… read more

Your New Home In Fort Collins

  Welcome back to the blog for Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate Services. We have been providing excellent property management services to Northern Colorado since 1979. For our property review this month, we would like to include a customer testimonial because it matters to us that our clients are satisfied with every phase of the property management… read more

Our Clients Love MnP

  Are you in need of property management in Loveland or Fort Collins? Our mission is to provide you with the best management, maintenance, and real estate services in Northern Colorado. Mountain-n’-Plains Inc. has been providing property management service to Northern Colorado for over 35 years. At this point, we’ve pretty much seen it all.… read more

Fort Collins Renter Relationship Tips: Neighbors, Landlords, and Roommates

In life, you have to sometimes navigate tricky relationships. Renting is definitely one of those times. While you’ve already came to the right property management services in Fort Collins, there are still a few things you should know about those tricky relationships that you (possibly) enter into when renting. From landlords, to neighbors and roommates,… read more

Not All States Are Created Equal

In the last few years, the American economy has gone through some huge and profound changes. Decades ago, the East Coast was formerly a manufacturing hub and an area that was sought after. As businesses have left that art of the nation and as the cost of living has continued to rise, more people than… read more

“Thank you Mountain-n-Plains, Inc.”

“Julia in the commercial department does a fantastic job for us. She handles things in a smart way, always responsive, and her work is excellent.  You may not hear it enough, but you should know that we all appreciate it very much, and really enjoy working with you!” Chris N.… read more

Setup Your Property Management Agreement

Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate Services will protect your property and ensure you are informed about your property’s value and how to maximize your investment dollars right from the start. Our staff of licensed real-estate brokers has the expertise and training to handle your property in your best interest. We take our fiduciary responsibility to you very… read more

Property Management Fort Collins Central: Mountain-n-Plains, Inc.

The regal majesty of Colorado is something that is far more beautiful than can be experienced through just simple pictures. The picturesque quality of the state is something that cannot be understood just through seeing it—it has to be experienced. And the best way to experience the majesty of the state is to live in… read more

Better Business with Commercial Property Management in Fort Collins

If you own a commercial space and need to find a business to occupy it, call on Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate. With our commercial property management in Fort Collins, we can help bring prospective tenants to you. We want you to find that business owner or up-and-coming entrepreneur that will sign a long-term lease and bring better… read more

Exceptional Property Management Service in Northern Colorado

If you’ve invested in a property that you desire to turn into an exquisite rental, you want to make sure that you can find prospective tenants that will enjoy living there, as well as a management company that will oversee every aspect of the rental process. At Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate, we can provide you with… read more

Your New Home with Our Property Management in Loveland, CO

Looking for a new place to live can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re moving to a new town. At Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate, we understand the complexity that comes with looking for a new home. With our property management in Loveland, CO, we have many available properties and can help you decide on which… read more

Feel Secure with Our Property Management in Fort Collins

When you have a residential unit that you’d like to rent, you often don’t have time to meet with potential tenants. If you need someone to meet prospective renters and show them your property, you need a management company that you can trust. At Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate, you can feel secure with our property management… read more

Commercial Property Management in Loveland CO With 24 Hour Emergency Services

Managing a commercial property by yourself can be overwhelming, especially if you are also dealing with tenants. Maximize the earning potential of your building while minimizing your stress levels by hiring our property management in Loveland CO. We’ll take care of your building and your tenants for you, including our 24 hour service solutions. Now you’ll… read more

Full Service with Our Property Management in Loveland, CO

When you invest in a rental property, you want to know that your investment is secure and that tenants will enjoy living there. Having a property manager that takes care of every detail is essential to maintaining and optimizing your property. For property management in Loveland, CO, select Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate for a full list… read more

Save Time And Money With Our Property Management In Fort Collins

Alongside taking care of all of our clients’ real estate investments, we also provide well-structured property management in Fort Collins. Since this famous city is so renownedly known for being one of the greatest cities in North America to live in, its appeal sort of speaks for itself. Its attraction is typically highlighted by its… read more

“Conscientious management that should never be taken for granted”

“After 11 months, the association is above our budgeted profit for the year. This does not happen by accident – it is the result of frugal and conscientious management that should never be taken for granted. I don’t want to sound like a broken record but the effort we get from Justin and his staff… read more

“If you have Mountain-n-Plains on your team, you can be confident you have the best”

“They are just the best people—professional, friendly, and competent.  Their always-quick responses were much appreciated… I gladly give them my highest recommendation.  We would work with them again in a heartbeat!   They are efficient, capable professionals who will always exceed your expectations.  If you have Mountain’n’Plains on your team, you can be confident you have the… read more