Best Apartment Decorations With Roommates

At Mountain-n-Plains, we know that living with a roommate isn’t always easy. Whether it’s in student housing, university apartments, or off-campus housing, there are a number of pros and cons to sharing a living space with a roommate. Below we’ve put together a few of our favorite tips to help you choose apartment decor that works for everyone.

Furnish an Apartment With a Roommate

There’s no need to scrimp on your new furniture, but choosing the right pieces from the beginning is a must. While it may seem obvious, buying too many expensive pieces that you can’t afford may not be wise. Establish a set amount of money everyone will contribute to the purchase of housing essentials and if you intend to save up for bigger purchases, do so in the beginning.

How to Decorate a Shared Living Room

When choosing furniture for your living room, it’s important to consider that you will all be spending time in this space together. Large, bulky pieces that are hard to move may not be the best idea. Keep your shared living room light and flowy by opting for comfortable chairs rather than couches; choose sectional sofas if you want to make a statement. Don’t forget the coffee table!

Furnishings That Work Best For Roommates

Choosing decorations that work for everyone can be a challenge. Our advice? Go neutral as often as possible! Find colors everyone can agree on to make your general color scheme, and then feel free to experiment with smaller pieces like throw pillows, knickknacks, or blankets.

Ultimately, this ensures that everyone sharing the living space has at least something they like about it. At the end of the day, compromise is key — and that's why it's important to remember that the space you're decorating doesn't have to be forever. At some point in the future, you'll be able to decorate your space any way you like. In the meantime, compromise in shared spaces and express your personality when decorating your bedroom.

How to Tell Your Roommate You Don’t Like Their Decorations

Living with others requires a delicate balance of not letting differences get to you, but also knowing how to express yourself. So what can you do if you don't like your roommate's decorations? First, decide if it's something you can live with. If not, approach the situation with as much tact as possible. Explain what you don't like about it, but remember to be respectful of your roommate's taste.

Making a Shared Living Space Cozy

For many, especially those in student apartments, shared spaces often include the living room, dining room, and kitchen. So how can you approach decorating these spaces with a cohesive vision? Try to make it cozy! Layered rugs and throws, quality lighting, and plants all contribute to a space that is inviting and feels like home.

Keeping Things Convenient With Student Housing

If your shared living space includes the kitchen, storage can be tricky. It is best to keep things streamlined with storage furniture in these spaces. For example, matching sets of open shelving can be used for all-purpose storage space. This way, you are storing things out in the open, rather than hiding them away. When it comes to student housing or university apartments, coming up with a plan is an absolute necessity.

Start By Finding The Right Space

At the end of the day, it all comes down to choosing a space that works for you and your roommates. Thankfully, Mountain-n-Plains is here to help! Our top priority is to provide a number of helpful property management services, so whether it’s emergency services, maintenance and repairs, document handling, or tenant retention, we’re here for you.

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