What Else Can Landlords Get From Our Property Management Property

Welcome back! In our last blog, we detailed the best ways rental property owners in Fort Collins could benefit from our services. From protecting your investment with the proper paperwork and due diligence to the frequent maintenance and inspections we perform, landlords can rest assured that their rental property is being well protected. While these services are great, they aren’t the only thing we have to offer, here are a couple more ways you can benefit from having our property managers care for your rental property.


  • Accounting – Our property management company will oversee all financial procedures. From collecting rent and HOA fees to cash flow statements and insurance payments, we handle it all for you. Our property managers are happy to provide full-service accounting for your rental property.
  • Marketing – Whenever your property becomes vacant or is in need of a new tenant we will place an ad in the newspaper, as well as utilize online marketing to ensure your property does not remain vacant. We also create flyers for prospective tenants and network with local businesses like Colorado State University and local realtors.
  • Resident Search – Once we find a tenant, we perform a thorough background check, credit check, and salary verification, as well as reach out to past landlords and employers to ensure that the right tenant will occupy your rental property.

If you’re becoming overwhelmed with the needs of your rental property and tenant, don’t hesitate to contact our property management company in Fort Collins. Our property managers would be more than happy to help and manage your property. Give us a call at Mountains-N-Plains today!