“What a gift to my investment and my peace of mind”

“I have been a client of Mountain-n-Plains for over 20 years, entrusting to them the management of the first house I ever purchased, now a rental.  In over 20 years, I’ve had absolutely no reason to complain, and many reasons to be grateful for their help and expertise.  In general, it is wonderful to have a management team help with a rental property; they take care of everything from pricing suggestions and showing to emergency (and non-emergency) repairs.  It is even more wonderful to have the assistance of a management team like Mountain-n-Plains.  They “see around corners,” as the saying goes, in the ways that alert me to anticipated expenses, and are diligent in keeping me abreast of new requirements and of better ways to do business.  I feel like they truly understand that in taking good care of my tenants, they are taking good care of me.  They are dependable and diligent about everything from bookkeeping to returning phone calls.  I am fortunate that a good friend recommended them to me way back when-what a gift to my investment and my peace of mind!”

Janice M.