How To Be A Good Neighbor

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We’ve all heard stories of nightmare neighbors in student housing who blast loud music at night or never take out their garbage. Nobody ever wants to admit that they are the nightmare neighbor, and hopefully, you’ll never have to. Before you move into your next home, check out Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate’s tips on how to be a good neighbor.

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Introduce Yourself

Your first impression on your neighbors will help dictate the tone of the relationship in the future. Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate suggests that establishing a friendly rapport with your neighbors right away will help you feel more approachable. This, in turn, makes it easier on both parties to address any potential issues, plus it never hurts to have people close by should you ever need help.

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Keep Your Place Clean

This is important for so many reasons. First, it’s not anyone else’s burden to live with or look at your mess, so be respectful of that. Second, messy homes attract critters that could begin taking up residence in your neighbor’s houses too. Lastly, Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate advises that some residential complexes, like student housing, actually have regulations allowing them to evict you for not taking care of your space. Don’t be the gross neighbor! Simple steps to avoid this include taking out the garbage, sweeping any debris up from doorsteps, and keeping cobwebs and clutter out of your windows.

Parking can create issues, so it’s important to be mindful and courteous!

Obey Parking Etiquette

Some of the most vicious neighbor wars have been in the name of parking. Because parking cars and finding a great space can be stressful, many people will take offense to inconsiderate people in their parking lots, and can create issues if there are parking disputes. Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate recommends that you contribute to a harmonious living environment for everyone by simply adhering to parking laws and sticking to assigned spots, if they’re available.

Don’t disrupt the whole neighborhood with incessant loud music!

Respectable Noise Levels

While you may enjoy entertaining in your home, Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate reminds us that it’s essential to do so respectfully. Making a point to adhere to quiet hours, especially during the week, can make neighbors a little more forgiving if the noise level goes up a bit on the weekends. Informing neighbors before any loud parties (or even inviting them to join in) can increase their noise tolerance threshold as well.

These are some fundamental steps you can take to ensure your neighbors feel respected and considered. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your neighbors is the key to enjoying your home and any shared living spaces. If you no longer enjoy your home because of your nightmare neighbor, Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate can show you accommodations for students that will suit your needs.