How to Beautify Your Student Apartment

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If you’re like many young adults, a student apartment is your first foray into the world of independent living, and it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to making that space your own. Between a full class schedule and possibly also holding down a job, it’s hard to find the time to beautify your apartment — but don’t worry! Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate Services has some helpful tips to transform your student apartment into an enjoyable haven you can call your own, and not break the bank while doing so!

Add Photos From Home 

Whether you’re an in-state college student or an out-of-state transfer, having some reminders of home can help bring some warmth into your new living space. Keeping these simple types of connections with your loved ones and friends goes a long way in helping you transition from living at home to living by yourself or with a roommate. For a lot of students, this can be a lonely time, as you’re in the process of making new friends and establishing new connections. In the meantime, however, keep pictures and mementos of home displayed where you can see them.

Hang Lights

The lighting that comes with your apartment isn’t always something to write home about. Usually, you’ll find builder-grade fixtures that are fairly utilitarian and don’t create a nice atmosphere. Thankfully, you can make some major lighting improvements, and do it on a budget! Most department or home improvement stores carry strings of fairy lights, lanterns, and other indoor lighting products. Transform your bedroom or reading area into a calming, inviting, and comfortable space with these simple lighting additions.

Invest in Rugs

Similar to many apartments’ lighting accommodations, the carpets can be fairly plain. You don’t necessarily have to go all-out with a room-spanning Persian rug, but investing in some modestly priced rugs can completely change the feel of a room. Affordable rugs are not difficult to find — browse local thrift stores, secondhand shops, and even the marketplace options on social media to find rugs that people are trying to find a new home for. If you’re down for a little bit of a drive in Northern Colorado, it’s only about an hour and a half to IKEA in Denver, and their selection is varied and affordable if you’d rather purchase a new rug.

Become a Plant Parent

Taking care of plants doesn’t have to be complicated. Some people are adept at taking care of greenery, but for others, there are some incredibly low-maintenance plant options available, and either option can bring some life into your rooms. For example, succulents basically take care of themselves and can go a long time between waterings and survive. Adding plants to your apartment can also have some surprising health benefits, including making the air cleaner in your rooms and helping you focus.

Living in a student apartment in Northern Colorado doesn’t have to be a drag. Follow these simple steps to make your space uniquely yours, and for everything else pertaining to real estate, don’t hesitate to call us at Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate Services!

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