How To Choose the Perfect Roommates for Your Student Rental

Even with the packed schedules, work, and extracurricular activities, student living still makes up a decent amount of your time to sleep, eat, and relax. An essential part of the student and off-campus housing comes from living with roommates. Mountains-n-Plains Real Estate in Fort Collins, CO, is here to discuss finding the perfect roommates for any student housing situation. Learn more about Mountains-n-Plains Real Estate and our great rates today!

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How Do You Pick a Good College Roommate?

Distractions are not wanted for any college student housing environment. Researching public school databases can serve helpful when looking for potential roommates. Of course, you can't look at grades, but there are enough telltale signs to see if they have put past efforts into their academics. Any bit of information like this will help your college year run smoothly.

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What Is the Ideal Roommate?

Aim for a roommate that is reasonable in their living conditions. Taking care of themselves, doing a fair share of chores, and having a reasonable schedule for weeknights are things to consider and ask about should you be able to talk to them in any way. While no one is perfect, it's essential to set a bar of minimal standards so that everyone can thrive during their academic career.

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Consider What You Want Out of a Roommate

Setting standards for student living situations creates a foundation for what you're looking for to last a whole academic year and beyond. While it would be awesome to find people with the same hobbies and interests as you, it's perfectly fine to have roommates that do entirely different things. You might discover new things to enjoy by consistently conversing with them over time. What matters is mutual respect amongst everyone in the home.

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Set Boundaries

If they drink from your milk carton, that's perfectly fine. Eat a few of your cookies? Cool! Only if your boundaries are okay with that. No matter the living situation and negotiations, your boundaries matter and should always be discussed with your potential roommates. These discussions are essential as the year goes by and new situations such as setting the thermostat arise that demand setting rules.

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Designate Personal Space

You're both paying for a good quality space that you deserve to have. Setting aside a designated space for yourself in your off-campus housing situation is ideal for studying and some well-deserved relaxation on the weekends. It's a loaded question, but finding ways to ask about privacy and how it's viewed and respected amongst potential roommates is important.

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Talk to Friends

One of the quickest and most reliable ways to get the perfect roommate is to see if your friends are going to the same school or work around town. Of course, being a friend doesn't exempt someone from respecting boundaries and standard house rules. Thankfully, friends tend to be more open to respecting boundaries. It's always worth it to search for friends in the area before deciding on your situation for student living.

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Search Campus Social Media Groups

There's a club for everyone, including social media groups from colleges. From just 15 minutes of browsing through the school's social media pages, you'll find the most recent events and activities going on for students of all interests. Even during summer and winter breaks, you'll find people posting and participating online that could serve as potential roommates if things hit off well. There's no downside to this either. Even if you don't find a roommate, making more friends and connections will further enhance your college experience.

In its most simple state, conversing with others about reasonable boundaries will take you far in finding the perfect roommate for great student living conditions. Regardless, we can guarantee that our off-campus housing will be of the highest quality as you thrive each day in Fort Collins. Call for more information today!

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