How to Promote Your Rental Property

Rental Property Management Tips From Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate

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Every landlord dreams of finding an excellent renter who doesn’t create conflict, pays on time, and takes care of the home. While there are times that may seem like a pipe dream, there are things you can do to promote your listing the right way, to the right people. Before settling for a subpar tenant, check out these rental property management tips from Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate on how to promote your rental property.


Ensure you attract the right tenants with a well-written ad

Write The Perfect Ad

Providing plenty of information in the most efficient way possible will help you weed out those candidates who are seriously interested from those who are not. Rental property management companies like Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate suggest that to be effective, your listing should include a catchy title, a small paragraph describing the property, features and amenities, and a longer description including fees, policies, and restrictions.


Posting online will gain you more exposure to potential tenants

Post Online

When people move to unfamiliar areas, the internet tends to be one of their most significantly useful resources. Get exposure for your ad by posting on property listing sites like Apartments.com, marketplace websites like Facebook Marketplace, and social media like local Facebook groups. Another great way to get exposure and find a tenant with minimal extra work is by simply reaching out to the professionals at Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate!

Bulletin boards are a great place to post your rental ad

Local Bulletins

There are often community boards in libraries, grocery stores, places of worship, community centers, and schools. These are fantastic places to advertise your property to residents. Also, try reaching out to rental property management companies like Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate to find out what resources they have to offer.

Property management companies can take care of the details for you!

Seek Assistance From Property Management Companies

Whether it’s promoting your property, collecting monthly rent checks, or anything in between, a property management company can take all the stresses of owning a rental property off your plate. When it comes to property management companies in Northern Colorado, Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate is your premier choice for renting and managing your property with ease!

Giving as much information about the property and posting your ad in as many places as possible will help you increase the number of people who see your ad, rule out undesirable candidates, attract desirable ones, and increase the number of responses you get. Of course, an excellent property management company like Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate can help you do all of that and more. Contact us today!