Mountain-n-Plains is the Only AMO®-Certified Property Management Company in Northern Colorado

When choosing a property management company, it can be difficult to know what to look for. Thankfully, there are a few telltale designations, such as an AMO® (Accredited Management Organization) certification — a necessity for any prestigious property management company. Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate services is the only AMO-certified property management company in all of Northern Colorado. We first received our certification in 1994 and have upheld it ever since thanks to our professionalism, higher than average standards, and educated employees.

In this blog post, we discuss what exactly AMO accreditation is and why it matters when choosing a property management company for your residential or commercial property. At Mountain-n-Plains, we take your real estate investment seriously, and our AMO designation is evidence of that. Read on to learn more, then get in touch with us about our property management services today. 

What is the AMO® Accreditation? 

Accredited Management Organizations, such as Mountain-n-Plains, set the standard for excellence in property management firms. As the nation’s first and most recognized property management certification, AMO designations have been awarded by the Institute of Real Estate Management® (IREM) since 1945. The IREM is an international community of real estate managers dedicated to establishing and upholding ethical business practices, maximizing the value of real estate, and promoting superior property management through continuing education. A property management company with AMO accreditation must have an elite reputation, fiscal stability, exceptional managers, and ethical conduct. Of the tens of thousands of property management companies around the world, only 560 currently hold the prestigious accreditation. Half of all AMO firms have been in business for more than 25 years and over 80% have been established for more than 15 years, meaning that they constitute the most knowledgeable and experienced firms in the industry.

The AMO® Checklist

In order to be awarded an AMO accreditation, property management companies must be able to tick the boxes of a number of criteria. These requirements include:

  • Maintain appropriate insurance coverage to ensure financial stability and to protect their client’s funds.
  • Pass an independent financial review.
  • Have a Certified Property Manager® (CPM) member in an executive position to supervise management operations.
  • Meet specific standards and required functions for operations of the firm, servicing the client, and managing the properties.
  • Promise to abide by the AMO Code of Professional Ethics.

The goal of the AMO® Checklist is to uphold the stellar reputation of AMO-accredited firms and the Institute of Real Estate Management® in general by providing a standard of excellence for other property management companies to aspire to. Before receiving the AMO certification, an executive Certified Property Manager must also complete two certification courses — one in leadership and one in ethics. 

What Is the CPM® Certification?

One of the most important items on the AMO checklist is to have a Certified Property Manager member in an executive position to supervise management operations at your firm. At Mountain-n-Plains, all of our property managers hold prestigious CPM designations, in addition to being licensed real estate brokers. CPM certification is the foremost property management certification in the world. In order to receive a CPM certification, applicants must participate in a variety of core competency and advanced property management courses, demonstrate their expertise through a comprehensive examination, and have the requisite experience necessary to maintain the certification’s reputation for excellence. When you work with an AMO-certified property management company, you can be assured that you are putting the experience and capabilities of an outstanding leadership team to work on your real estate investment. 

Choose the Best of the Best

As the only recognition of excellence given to real estate management forms, AMO accreditation is so much more than just a logo to put on the bottom of a website. AMO accreditation means that a property management company believes in ethical business practice and leadership and sets an unparalleled standard for firm conduct and client services. 

As the only AMO-certified property management company in Northern Colorado, Mountain-n-Plains is proud to offer premier property management services to commercial and residential property owners throughout the Front Range, including Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Wellington, Milliken, Johnstown, and Laporte. For more information or to get started with our real estate management services, get in touch with our team of Certified Property Managers today!