How to Beautify Your Student Apartment

Helpful Tips from Northern Colorado’s Real Estate Service Experts Contact Us If you’re like many young adults, a student apartment is your first foray into the world of independent living, and it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to making that space your own. Between a full class schedule and… read more

4 Tips for Vetting Renters

Residential Property Management Services in Northern Colorado Need Property Management? Especially if you’re a new landlord for a residential property, it can be challenging to become proficient at vetting potential renters. Thankfully, Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate Services in Northern Colorado has developed several protocols for finding the right tenants. The most important thing to remember before… read more

Finding the Perfect Off-Campus Student Housing

Spring is here, which means that it’s time for students to start thinking about where to live in the fall. Fort Collins is a great city for off-campus student housing, as you can see from our comprehensive list of available student properties. Whether this is your first time looking for off-campus housing or you’ve been… read more

A Complete Rental Checklist

No matter whether you rent or own a home, your house should be your safe haven. It should be the place where you go to decompress after a long day, where you create fond memories with family and friends, and where you always feel comfortable. But how do you go about finding that? When searching… read more

What Is Tenant Retention and Why Is It Important?

As the owner of a rental property, you’ve seen it all. Vacationers coming in and trashing things, long-term renters letting harmful dirt, grime, and debris build up in every area of the house, and people just not taking care of your home the way you deserve. However, not all tenants are bad. There are some… read more

What To Expect From Your Property Manager

Mountain-n-Plains has managed properties throughout Northern Colorado since 1979. We are honored to play a role in the lives of renters in Fort Collins who choose to work with our property management company. Mountain-n-Plains serves as a residential property management company for townhomes, condos, single-family homes, and apartments. We also manage commercial properties including medical,… read more

Mountain-n-Plains is the Only AMO®-Certified Property Management Company in Northern Colorado

When choosing a property management company, it can be difficult to know what to look for. Thankfully, there are a few telltale designations, such as an AMO® (Accredited Management Organization) certification — a necessity for any prestigious property management company. Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate services is the only AMO-certified property management company in all of Northern… read more

5 Ways to Improve Your Home Value

  As a homeowner, you know that maintaining or increasing your property value is essential if you plan on one day reselling your investment. Fortunately, increasing your home’s value doesn’t have to be time-consuming or even costly. In this blog post, we share five basic home renovation tips to help you increase the value of… read more

Why You Should Move to Fort Collins: Part II

In our last blog post, we discussed four reasons why you should consider making Fort Collins, our idyllic city in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, your home. As the heart of Northern Colorado, Fort Collins boasts an active art and music scene, top research university, abundance of craft breweries, and access to the great… read more

Why You Should Move to Fort Collins Part 1

    As the central hub of Northern Colorado, Fort Collins has something for everyone. This charming city of just over 160,000 residents sits in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and is perfect for the outdoor aficionado, music lover, and student alike. Fort Collins is so idyllic, in fact, that Old Town — the… read more