More Tips for Renters on How to Navigate a Tight Rental Market

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Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services helps renters, both commercial and residential, find the best rentals in Fort Collins. With 40 years of property management experience and as one of the few property management companies in northern Colorado to hold both the CPM® (Certified Property Manager) and AMO® (Accredited Management Organization) distinctions, we understand the challenges you… read more

3 Tips for Renters on How to Navigate a Tight Rental Market

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Finding a rental in Fort Collins can be challenging. The northern Front Range in Colorado is seeing record growth everywhere, as the economy continues to thrive. There is also a very low unemployment rate, which means many people have jobs and have income to pay for rentals in Fort Collins. This makes the rental market… read more

What’s a Certified Property Manager and Why You Need One

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Living in today’s society, you have choices, from which fast food place to eat at to who you become friends with on Facebook. Having choices is what makes businesses better because they have to offer better customer service, better services, and a better customer experience overall, or you’ll go to the next guy. This holds… read more

What is Renters Insurance?

There seems to be insurance for almost anything these days, from life insurance to pet insurance. When you are renting, however, you should have renters insurance. Not as prominent as homeowners insurance, many people have never even heard of it. In this blog post, Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services, a top-notch property management company in Fort… read more