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Property management is much more than just renting and showing properties. It’s all the little details that makes renting and showing residential and commercial properties seem seamless. When you specialize in property management in Fort Collins, you become an expert at what works and what doesn’t work, and when you’re looking for a property management company that’s exactly who you want — experts.

Mountain N Plains Real Estate Services is the best property management company in Fort Collins. We offer both commercial and residential property management services. Below, we’ll review in detail exactly what a property management company does so you can decide for yourself if you need one. Contact us today to learn more!


A property management company, such as Mountain N Plains Real Estate Services in Fort Collins manages properties. This can be properties owned by the company, or most likely properties owned by others who outsource the responsibility of renting their commercial or residential property. Property management companies are in essence the landlord of multiple properties.



When you partner with a property management company in Fort Collins, you are hiring them to rent out your property for you, be it residential or commercial. They will deal with prospective renters, as well as the renters once your property is rented out. The property management company will save you time, effort, and money, as they will take on the responsibility of advertising and marketing your rental when there’s a vacancy.

But a top-notch property management company in Fort Collins such as Mountain N Plains Real Estate Services doesn’t stop there. Besides taking on the sometimes challenging task of finding you the perfect renters, a property management company also will collect rent and forward it to you (minus the property management’s fees), handle maintenance and repair issues, respond to tenant complaints, and, when necessary, will handle evictions, taking that onerous task off your plate.

A property management company also possesses a lot of knowledge about the real estate market in general, helping you to set your rental fee based on the rental market. The knowledge and experience of a great property management company in Fort Collins can give you peace of mind, knowing your investment is safe, protected, and cared for.


Hiring a property management company is obviously a decision for all property owners to make. However, there are certain instances where hiring a property management company in Fort Collins is indispensable.

You have a lot of properties to manage. Most property owners have their own lives to attend to and trying to take the time out of their busy schedule to show their rental to rental applicants can be cumbersome (not to mention the day-to-day management of properties) and something you simply don’t want to do, especially if you have a lot of properties to rent.

Your rental is in another town or even another state. If your rental is a good distance away from you, it can be impractical to try to rent and manage it yourself. You should definitely partner with a top-rated local property management company to handle the property for you.

You loathe renting your own property. If you resent having to rent your rental property in Fort Collins out, you’re going to be putting out bad vibes, which will most likely drive the good tenants away. When you hire a property management company in Fort Collins that loves what they do, such as Mountain N Plain Real Estate Services, you’ll have the best chance of finding good quality renters. Even if you do enjoy the process of rental property management, perhaps the day-to-day activities is not worth your time. Instead, you want to be growing your business, planning and executing renovations to your existing properties, or looking at prospective properties to buy. In essence, your time is better spent elsewhere.

Hiring a property management company is cheaper than hiring an employee. If you’re at the point with your rental properties in Fort Collins that you are thinking of hiring an assistant to help you with the day-to-day tasks, a property management company will be cheaper than hiring an employee for the simple fact that you don’t have to pay payroll taxes, employee benefits, or invest in Quickbooks and accountants to do so. The property management company in Fort Collins acts as an independent contractor whom you hire to do a job without the hassle of being an employer.

Your rental property in Fort Collins is part of an affordable housing program. Affordable housing programs come with a slew of rules and regulations that the landlord must follow in order to participate, and the renters have their own conditions and restrictions as well in terms of income for example. In this case, hiring a property management company in Fort Collins that has experience and knowledge of handling affordable housing properties can be worth its weight in gold.


Property management companies do almost anything associated with rental properties, from attending to routine maintenance issues, collecting rent, and managing those who are late in paying rent. Odds are, if you were to call a property management company in Fort Collins on any given day, they would be out and about, tending to renters’ needs, installing signage when a rental vacancy occurs, or even designing flyers for your rental property. Property management in Fort Collins is far from enticing; it’s a lot of nitty-gritty details that all need to be handled efficiently and expertly in order to keep your rental property in Fort Collins running smoothly.

Some of the property management services Mountain N Plains offers in Fort Collins include:

  • Managing of all showings and rental lease agreement contracts
  • Management of utility backup services when renters move out
  • Re-keying when renters move
  • Marketing and advertising of all available rentals in Fort Collins
  • Handle property inspections both before and after move in and move out
  • Collection of rental payments
  • Invoicing renters in Fort Collins
  • Collection of security deposits as well as determining security deposit returns
  • Monthly accounting statements for property owners
  • Dispute resolution
  • Verifying renter applicant’s credentials
  • Credit check on renters
  • Handling requests for repairs and services
  • Arranging professional maintenance crews to enact repairs and services
  • Ensuring renters maintain the property, both inside and out
  • Ensuring renters professionally clean carpets upon move out
  • Can pay taxes and insurance upon request

As you can see, a property management company in Fort Collins is a jack-of-all-trades to ensure your property is properly taken care of. Mountain N Plains in Fort Collins helps property owners through finding quality tenants and ensuring the care and upkeep of your investment. Mountain N Plains Real Estate Services cares about helping you with your rental properties in Fort Collins. Contact us today to learn more!


  • Takes the onerous of renting off your shoulders. Let’s face it, having to vet potential renters is time consuming and can be a headache. You have to verify employment, references, and run background checks, as well as show your home at times you don’t necessarily want to. Plus, once your rental in Fort Collins is rented, when something goes wrong or needs fixing, the renters will call you, possibly in the middle of the night, with problems. All of this can make owning rental property not worth it in your book. Partnering with a property management company in Fort Collins, such as Mountain N Plains, who are experts at finding quality tenants, eliminates all of those burdens from your shoulders.
  • Decreases your stress. Because of the time involved, you can become stressed when renting out your rental property. Furthermore, you will probably run into people who are desperate for a home to stay in, but can’t pay your rent, or who have other very sad stories that can make you feel guilty for not renting to them. With a property management company, more rent is paid on time with fewer excuses (and less giving in by property owners) to these sad situations and stories. That being said, most great property management companies in Fort Collins aren’t heartless; they will work with tenants on the rent when situations do arise. The difference is property management companies have the experience to know when to draw the line and not be taken advantage of.
  • Gets a third-party involved. Although we all want to think the best of people, the sad reality of today’s world is that there are people out there who will lie, cheat, and steal. When you hire a property management company in Fort Collins, you will help to mitigate your risk as it’s much harder for renters to make false accusations of maintenance issues or eviction practices against a property management company that has strict practices in place and documents everything. Furthermore, a property management company knows all the rules and regulations of renting in your area, ensuring every legality is followed and all the rental contracts cover everything.
  • Vacancies are decreased. When you hire a property management company whose job it is is to rent properties, odds are when you have a vacancy, it will be filled promptly. Otherwise, it may be a while since you have to wait for your schedule to fill up first.
    Decreased costs. Although you are paying a good property management company in Fort Collins for their services, overall you’ll save money, not only in time, hassles, and headaches, but also due to the fact that the property management company has connections with contractors and maintenance crews who offer their services at lower rates due to the volume of rental properties they are then able to service. This savings in part is passed on to you.

  • Positive reviews. When renters are looking for available properties to rent, both residential and commercial, they are more likely to turn to property management companies who have multiple locations to choose from. Not only does it cut the time for potential renters in finding a home or commercial space to lease, but it also leads to more positive interactions, which gets your home more great reviews. Overall, a property management company offers professional rental services that renters enjoy and appreciate.
  • Eliminates scams. There are many people out there looking to make a quick buck, including taking advantage of inexperienced rental property owners. With a property management company, it’s hard for someone to claim discrimination in the rental process when it’s standardized or to claim negligence in property maintenance when calls are documented, as well as the work being done.
  • Eliminates the process of evictions. Evictions are never fun and are time consuming, not to mention stressful. A property management company in Fort Collins, such as Mountain N Plains who has been in business for decades, knows the ins and outs of the eviction process. They can speed up the time an eviction takes, and decrease the likelihood of evictions from their knowledge of screening rental applicants.
  • Reduces taxes. Property management fees are tax write-offs for rental property owners and investors. Furthermore, because property management companies in Fort Collins track every expense, you will have more write-offs that you likely would have missed due to your busyness. This means more money in your pocketbook in the long run.

Renting out a home or commercial space is a big responsibility. It takes time, effort, and, in some cases, hard work, which many investors just don’t have the time nor the desire to do. Hiring a professional property management company in Fort Collins, such as Mountain N Plains, offers you less stress, peace of mind that everything is taken care of, and provides you with a source of income without any of the work.


Mountain N Plains in Fort Collins cares for their properties like they are their own. We manage apartments, townhomes, condos, and single-family homes on the residential side, as well as commercial real estate, including medical, retail, office, industrial facilities, and commercial associations. We take our time screening applicants, choosing only those they deem would be a good fit. We maintain the upkeep of your property and ensure rent is collected in a timely fashion so you can pay the rent on the rental. Moreover, we handle all of the legalities and ensure renters are following the terms of their rental contract. We keep a closer eye on your rental property than you can or want to do, and we offer 24-hour emergency care of your residential and/or commercial property.

Mountain N Plains Real Estate Services began with a desire to help property owners in Fort Collins with the sometimes overwhelming task of finding quality renters and then managing all the upkeep of their rental properties. We are the consummate professional, organized and skilled with a deep knowledge of both the rental market and the real estate market in Northern Colorado. With over four decades of property management service, there’s nothing we haven’t seen or can’t handle when it comes to renting your property.

When it comes to property management services, Mountain N Plains has embraced the use of technology in our company in order to make it as convenient as possible for both our property owners and our tenants. All of our available properties are listed online, as well as the applications for these properties. Our tenants are able to leave a security deposit online as well as pay their rent online, all of which streamlines our processes so we can better serve our homeowners. We’ve even put our maintenance request form online so we receive those in a timely fashion and can respond with maintenance personnel — all in an effort to serve our clients better.

Mountain N Plains is the only northern Colorado Accredited Management Company (AMO) and employs licensed real estate agents who know the ins and outs of the rental market here in Fort Collins. At Mountain N Plains, we understand that owning rental properties is a great way to produce a steady stream of income, which is why many investors do so. However, many choose not to enter the rental property industry because of the hassles of renters.

When you partner with Mountain N Plains in Fort Collins for all of your property management needs, you can rest assured that your rental property will be taken care of. Contact us today to get started!

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