Pros and Cons of Pet Ownership With Student Housing

Pets are genuinely wonderful partners to have in life. We would take them anywhere if we could, and they'd gladly follow. While there are options for pets living in just about any city, it's essential to be aware of your possibilities and limitations when choosing student housing options while living with a pet. Mountains-n-Plains Real Estate in Fort Collins, CO, is here to talk about the overarching pros and cons of pet ownership with student housing. Learn more about Mountains-n-Plains Real Estate and our great rates today!

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Living With a Pet?

Pets serve as great companions for when times get lonely or when you need someone to be around that cares about you. In addition, dogs will easily deter away potential intruders throughout the day, allowing for an extra layer of security. However, the disadvantages of having pets while student living comes from when you have to be away from home for things like work and school. Training your dog to be calm while you're gone will save you the stress of potential noise complaints, but that is another financial and timely cost to consider while being a student.

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Should College Students Own Pets?

College has high demands for exams, projects, and assignments. Having a pet by your side can serve as a healthy form of stress relief. The most significant aspect to gauge is how much you can handle the added responsibilities of a pet while in college for both time and money. Being a good pet owner involves dedicated care and attention for your pet to feel loved and appreciated. Part-time students will find this more manageable, and full-time ones will need to properly lay out their routine to see if they can fit time for their pets in as a regular occurrence.

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Is My Roommates Dog My Responsibility?

Asking if your roommate's dog is your responsibility is an important question. Healthy boundaries set with roommates are essential, with a good sense of trust between both parties going a long way. If you get along well with your roommate, then feeding or taking their dog out from time to time is perfectly okay. On the other hand, if you don't know your roommate well, it's essential to gauge if a small gesture for taking care of their pet doesn't depend on you so that they do less work. Regardless, a loud or destructive dog will get all lease signers in trouble.

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How Do You Deal With a Roommate With a Pet?

Communication is key. Let your roommate know about it if you have an allergy, trouble sleeping, or get distracted easily by pets. The sooner, the better; it might not seem like much, but planning out your semesters with or without a pet in the home can be a significant factor for your future academic success and living process. Of course, some people are perfectly fine with a roommate having a pet. Just remember that you get an equal amount of say when looking for and signing an off-campus housing contract.

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Should I Clean Up After My Roommates Pets?

Cleaning up after your roommate's pets circles back to how much you and your roommate mutually respect each other. If you're good friends and responsible human beings, cleaning up after your roommate's pet should be no problem. But as much as we want the world to be a better place, there are people out there that will take advantage of consistently kind gestures to do less work. Know when you're being taken advantage of if your roommate is not respecting your time.

Through thick and thin, pets are wonderful to have. But there's a time and place for everything, and finding that exact place to suit your living needs is a critical aspect to gauge. Mountains-n-Plains Real Estate has options for both pet and non-pet owners alike. Call for more information today!

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