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Moving is never easy. It’s stressful. It’s a lot of work. It’s draining, both physically and mentally. It’s overall just hard. You may be leaving family and friends, the home you’ve known your entire life, and your community. 


Yet, you are moving for a reason — a good reason. Perhaps you’re moving because of an exciting job opportunity. You’re moving to go to college to pursue a life-long career. You’re moving because you want to experience something new and exciting and a different part of the country.


If you’re moving to the Fort Collins area and are in need of a rental, Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services offers the best rentals in Fort Collins. We offer student rentals as well as single-family homes for rent. We are a full-service rental company, meaning when something goes wrong, we’ll fix it. We collect the rent. We re-key your rental before move-in, as well as carpet clean. We handle the general upkeep and improvements on all of our rentals in Fort Collins. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the entire rental process from start to finish and our role as your rental management company. Contact us today!


Before we dive into the rental process in Fort Collins, let’s take a look at reasons to rent.




You can check out the neighborhoods before you buy. When you move to a new place, you often don’t know which places are the desirable places to rent, nor do you know where exactly you want to live. Renting is a great opportunity to explore the area around you without committing to buying a home.

You’re a student. Obviously, if you are headed to Fort Collins to attend school, such as Colorado State University or Front Range Community College, you’re not going to want to buy a home when you might move elsewhere once your degree is finished.

You move around a lot. Some people have jobs that transfer them often. If this is you, you definitely want to a rental in Fort Collins rather than buying a home.

You avoid the hassles of homeownership. Owning a home is a lot of work. After all, you are purchasing a building that is subject to Mother Nature and the natural wear and tear all things go through in this world. From maintenance costs, real estate taxes, and down payments, renting a home in Fort Collins is usually cheaper in the long run (the downside is you are not building equity). Insurance expenses as well as utilities are                    cheaper when renting.

You’ll have more flexibility. A lot of people just don’t know where they want to live, so renting is a great option to try out a certain part of the country before deciding. It’s easier to downsize your home or upsize if your family grows when you rent because you don’t have a home to sell. At certain stages in your life, renting can be preferable to buying a home.

You’ll have more time. Owning a home can be a time-drainer, especially if you buy one that needs fixing up. From lawn care and landscaping to raking leaves, cleaning gutters, painting interior and exterior surfaces, replacing broken fixtures such as door knobs, and calling repairmen when your dishwasher goes out (and having to pay to replace it), a house is an investment that requires a lot of upkeep. With renting in Fort Collins,                      you’ll have more free time on the weekends to do what you enjoy doing. 

Convenience. Society today is all about convenience, from getting your groceries delivered to your door to movies and TV shows on demand. The same can be said for renting a home versus buying a home. If you want to live downtown in a big city close to your job, odds are you’ll have to rent. If you want to move closer to family for a while, renting is a great short-term solution. 


Overall, renting in Fort Collins is a viable solution for those on-the-go who haven’t made a decision yet about where they want to settle for life. If you like to travel, are a student, or just want more freedom and more money to go and live life, renting is the cheaper, more flexible alternative.




Now that you know you need a rental in Fort Collins, where do you begin? Below, Mountain-N-Plains, the best property management company in Fort Collins, will review the steps to finding a rental property.

Expand your search

You’ll want to sit down and actually write out what you are looking for in a rental property in Fort Collins. Begin by asking yourself some simple questions. How many bedrooms do you need? How many bathrooms? Do you need a backyard for your kids and your dogs? Do you need a three-car garage? Do you need to be close to campus if you are searching for student rentals in Fort Collins? Do you need a basement for storage? What about parking? Do you want to be near a certain elementary school? Do you want to be close to your job? Do you want to have a view of the mountains? All of these questions will not only help you to get a clearer picture of what you want from a rental property in Fort Collins, but it will also help your property management company help you find the perfect rental property.

Look at rentals in Fort Collins

Now that you have a good idea of what you’re looking for, you can begin looking! This is the fun part of looking for rentals in Fort Collins. Once you contact your rental property management company in Fort Collins, Mountain-N-Plains, you can set up showings for the houses you are interested in. With your narrowed down list, you can begin to look at homes that fit your criteria. Odds are, you won’t find the perfect rental property in Fort Collins, such as one with every single item on your list. However, you will find something close. 

Viewing rental properties in Fort Collins is your chance to get clarity on any restrictions with the rental properties, ask what utilities you are responsible for, ask about lawn maintenance requirements, ask about any appliance questions you may have, and other questions particular to the rental property. You’ll also want to drive around the neighborhood, and check out the other neighbors. Take note of nearby schools, shopping centers, parks, gyms, or any other amenities that are important to you. Finally, you’ll want to touch base with your insurance agent to find out about the cost of renter’s insurance for the home or student housing you are interested in.

After you view rentals in Fort Collins, you’ll decide for yourself is any of them fit. Once you’ve found your perfect rental, you take the next step in rentals in Fort Collins — you fill out an application.

Fill out your rental application

A rental application shows the rental management company in Fort Collins that you are serious about renting the home you just viewed. Every adult who is living in the home will have to fill out a rental application, as well as any needed co-signers and/or roommates. Rental applications in Fort Collins can vary; however, most require the same basic information.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Employment and income information
  • Pets if you are planning on having them in your rental property
  • Previous landlord references
  • Personal references
  • Emergency contact information
  • Background information
  • Driver’s license and/or other form of official ID
  • Social security number

Most rental companies in Fort Collins have application fees. This application fee covers the cost of the required background check and credit checks for potential renters. Processing fees may incur as well, depending on the rental company in Fort Collins. This basically covers the overhead cost of screening applicants.

Background check and credit check

Both the background check and credit check have become standard for all rental applicants. The background check is to check for criminal history. Let’s face it, if you’re a registered sex offender, it’s important to the rental management company in Fort Collins, such as Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services. A credit check speaks more about your fiscal responsibility than anything else. Credit reports show whether you pay your bills on time or not. When you’re renting out a home, it’s imperative you pay your rent on time since the property owner is counting on that money to pay their rent.

It’s best to be honest up front with your rental property management company in Fort Collins. You can explain you have past due medical bills, or any other extenuating circumstances that may not be reflected on your credit report. You may need a cosigner if you do have poor credit.

Proof of employment

You’ll need to be able to prove you can afford the home or student housing you have chosen. Again, the property owner needs to pay their rent, so if you don’t pay, you could be putting them in a lurch. Usually to prove employment you’ll need recent pay stubs, copies of tax returns perhaps, or other forms of employment income. Sometimes bank statements may be required as well, especially if you plan on using savings as a way to pay rent. If you’re a student who won’t be paying your own rent, you’ll need whoever is paying (such as your parents) to fill out the rental application on your behalf and be a cosigner, which makes them legally responsible for the payment.

Both the proof of employment and background check and credit check process can take a few days, especially if it’s a weekend. Have patience with your property management company in Fort Collins in the meantime.

Get your cosigner on board

It is usually during the background check, employment check, and the income verification process that you will find out if you need a cosigner or not. A cosigner just guarantees the payment of rent. He or she serves as backup in case something happens, and you can’t make the payment.

Cosigners are often required when you have no rental history, no credit history, or your income is a bit low to afford the rental payment. This is a problem many first-time renters have. However, a great rental management company in Fort Collins, such as Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services, will work with you in the event a cosigner is needed.

References matter

If you’re a rental property owner, odds are you’ve had a bad renter, from someone who is calling non-stop about little maintenance issues around the home to those who have the cops called on them every weekend. Most rental property owners want to avoid these renters at all cost. While it’s illegal to discriminate against renters based on age, religion, or race, it’s perfectly acceptable to turn down renters who have bad rental references.

Make sure you get the contact information of your previous landlord to give to your rental management company in Fort Collins. Hopefully, your previous landlord will offer glowing reviews of how you kept your previous rental in great shape and even improved the landscaping.

Your personal references matter as well to your rental property company in Fort Collins, especially if you don’t have any rental history. You can use friends and family, but employers and even past teachers make the best references because they not only can attest to your performance either on the job or in the classroom, but their opinion is unbiased.

Also, you should expect your rental management company to check up on you via your social media accounts, especially if you are applying for student housing. Property managers want as little problems as possible with their renters, including calls from the neighbors about late night parties or trash all over the yard from parties.

Sign the lease!

You’re made it! You’ve found a great rental property, you’ve filled out a rental application and paid your fee, you’ve passed all the background checks, your references spoke on your behalf, and now you’re ready to sign on the dotted line, get the keys to your rental property in Fort Collins, and move in.

Once you’ve arrived at your rental management company’s property to sign the lease, this will be your chance to ask any more last minute questions you may have before signing. You’ll have to pay a security deposit (most of these are state-regulated), which is typically one or two months’ rent. Make sure you obtain a receipt for your deposit. Also, make sure you read your rental agreement carefully, and clarify any parts that are unclear to you. Your rental agreement will specify the term of the contract (how long you are agreeing to rent the home or student housing in Fort Collins for), the rent, noise restrictions, decoration restrictions, HOA rules, and the rules regarding pets. Do note if you are moving with a pet, a pet deposit will most likely be required. There may be breed restrictions in place as well so make sure Fido can live with you before you sign. Home sweet home!





Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services offers rentals in Fort Collins, as well as student housing. Our available properties can be seen on our website. Once you view a rental property and decide to apply for it, our rental applications are available online for your convenience. You can also check out our leasing forms and pay your deposit as well. Furthermore, if you do end up renting from us, you can conveniently make your rental payment online as well. Our mission is to provide you with a rental property that suits your needs and lifestyle. We respond promptly to all service orders, as well as any questions that you may have. We’ll help you with the move-in process and the move-out as well. 

Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services is a full-service property management company in Fort Collins that works with both residential and commercial property owners to find the right tenants. We understand how difficult it can be to find good renters, which is why our screening process is very thorough. You can rest assured if you list your rental property with us, we’ll take care of it.


If you are a renter interested in viewing one of our rental properties, contact us today to arrange a showing. If you are a property owner interested in listing your residential or commercial property with us for property management services, give us a call. We can help.