Renting With Kids: What You Need to Know

Renting with kids can be challenging. After all, it’s not just you anymore. Mountain-N-Plains in Fort Collins is the best residential property management company. We offer both homes for rent and apartments for rent. If you need help finding a rental, contact us today!


  • School district. A good school for your kids is vital for their well-being. You want a safe, well-reviewed school, preferably within walking distance of the home or apartment you are considering renting.
  • Park. A nearby park can be a life-saver in the summer. It’s a free activity that will get your kids outdoors, get physical activity, and wear them down for nap time. Plus, the park is one of the best places to meet other neighborhood families.
  • Library. A nearby library is another amenity to look for when considering your rental home or apartment. Besides amazing books for your kids to read, your local library offers an amazing array of activities for kids (especially during the summer months). Examples include story time, reading with therapy dogs, and Minecraft.
  • Daycares. Having a nearby daycare as working parents is a great convenience for you. This will cut down on the morning stress as you get your kids and yourself ready for a day away from home.
  • Fenced yard. A fenced yard is not only for dogs; it’s for kids as well. Kids love to play outside and having their own space to use their imaginations and for you to have peace of mind while you get work done in the house will make everyone’s life easier.


  • Try for a ground level apartment. These apartment rentals are the most popular for obvious reasons (if you’ve ever hauled up groceries up three flights of stairs, you’ll understand why), but renting a ground level apartment is a priority with kids, especially if you have little kids. Carrying babies up and down the stairs can be hazardous (and kids don’t get any lighter!), not to mention bad on your back. And when your baby becomes a toddler, navigating apartment stairs, which are usually metal, can be dangerous as well.
  • Look for apartments with breed restrictions on dogs. Kids cannot resist the lure of a dog. They look so soft, happy, and joyful that we all want a part of that! Yet, someone else’s dog can easily bite, especially little kids they may see as a threat and see as more of an equal (and thus okay to bite). Even if this is just a playful nip, it can be painful for your child. Apartments with breed restrictions will put less tempting dogs in your child’s way.
  • Be wary of balconies and railings. Some apartment complexes are just not all that kid-friendly. Be wary of balconies that kids could climb up and fall from as well as railings that may or may not be in place on various stairwells you may be using.
  • Pools. Having a community apartment pool is great. However, ensure it is locked and extremely inaccessible for kids. Too many kids drown in apartment pools each year, many of whom gained access somehow.

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