Rules You Should Know As A Tenant

When it comes to being a tenant, there is a never ending list of rules for you to abide by. While this might seem like a nuisance to you as a tenant, it’s important that you look at it from the perspective of the property owner’s eyes. As far as they’re concerned, this property is their investment, and you get the luxury of living in a well maintained home, without the stress and costs of ownership. And quite honestly, no one is asking anything unreasonable of you, but it is important that you understand all the rules of your building or rental unit. Here are some common rules that tend to be forgotten.


  • You + Two – What does this mean? In the city of Fort Collins, where there are many students, there is a rule in place that states no more than three unrelated people can live together under one roof. Breaking this rule could result in an eviction.
  • No Smoking! – Whether tobacco or other products, you cannot smoke inside your apartment or home. Not only does it stain the walls making it permanently smell, but it’s not good for your health, and it’s rude to your neighbors.
  • Change Your Air Filters – People tend to think that because they are simply a tenant and not the homeowner, that they aren’t the ones that should be changing the air filters. The opposite is true, and it is your responsibility as a tenant. This is because air filters should be changed every four to six weeks, in order to keep a healthy indoor air quality.

There are many different things that your landlord or property management company may require of you, and the best practice is to abide. The rules are in place to keep every tenant happy, so that all can coexist happily. If you should have any questions about any rules for where you live, contact your property manager and get informed.