Setup Your Property Management Agreement

Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate Services will protect your property and ensure you are informed about your property’s value and how to maximize your investment dollars right from the start. Our staff of licensed real-estate brokers has the expertise and training to handle your property in your best interest. We take our fiduciary responsibility to you very seriously. Plus, since we only employ licensed real estate brokers as property managers, you won’t ever find yourself in a questionable situation where you’re crossing into a gray area of real estate or property management law. Once our management contract is executed, we will get to work optimizing your investment property. Our low-cost, high-value setup fee has everything you need.

We conduct an exhaustive initial property inspection, so we can accurately place a market-driven valuation on the property that will get it rented at its optimum market value. We will share our findings and projections with you via our owner consultation, and provide recommendations to enhance the marketability of your property. This will allow you to make informed decisions on next steps for any needed upgrades and repairs. We’ll place the sign and lockbox on site and distribute the marketing material, so we can get your property rented and earning money for you quickly. We’ll also cast a wide net by marketing your property through various media.

When owning an investment property, it is critical to get off to a good start, otherwise you can get stuck in a cycle of throwing good money after bad. With Mountain-n-Plains Real Estate Services, you’ll be ahead of the curve instead of reacting to it.