Skip the Drama and Use Mountains-n-Plains Property Management

Whether you are a student looking for your next home while in Fort Collins, or the owner of a home who wants to rent it out, there can be plenty of lessons to learn, or you could skip the drama and use Mountains -n- Plains Property Management

No More Renting Nightmares

  • Instead of finding some random room in a random house and live with random people, get one or two of your best friends and rent a place together. Mountains-n-Plains has lots of student housing available. There is no reason to put up with people who don’t respect you or your things; it’s far better to live with your friends in a nice home where you have order so you can focus on your studies.
  • There are plenty of landlords in this town who don’t know how or don’t have the will to take care of their property. This often leaves students being able to afford just the worst of the housing available in Fort Collins. We are dedicated to maintaining the rental properties we manage. This means we expect you to be respectful as well, but when something does break, we will be on top of it and get it repaired quickly.

No More Leasing Nightmares

  • Maintain your home is a never-ending job and everyone needs help doing that task. We have a maintenance crew that is available 24/7 to take care of emergencies and standard issues.
  • One of the best things we do to protect your property is to have a vigorous screening process for applicants. We will place great, steady people in your rental property. We run thorough background checks on all applicants to ensure our process.

If you are looking to find a great home to finish your CSU studies in or looking to rent out your home but are interested in maintaining the property’s value, be sure to use Mountain-n-Plains Property Management.