Not All States Are Created Equal

In the last few years, the American economy has gone through some huge and profound changes. Decades ago, the East Coast was formerly a manufacturing hub and an area that was sought after. As businesses have left that art of the nation and as the cost of living has continued to rise, more people than ever are moving out of states like Connecticut and New Jersey.

As a result, a handful of states have become highly desirable destinations. Consistently, Colorado ranks as one of the most popular states to move to. One of the main reasons is the highly temperate climate. We’ve all heard the old saying that Colorado gets over 300 sunny days per year. But the low humidity and dry conditions help to make things comfortable. It’s not uncommon for our residents to spend a morning on the ski slopes and an afternoon playing golf-nearly any time during the year. Since Colorado offers such a healthy environment, residents are among the healthiest in the United States. The state boasts 10 National Parks, 42 state parks and a number of outdoor recreation areas, which means it’s fast and easy to get outside. Colorado is also the number 1 ski destination in America, with 26 ski resorts.

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