Tips To Increase The Value of Commercial Property


As a property owner for commercial businesses, you have a lot on your hands as a real player in the commercial property industry. Real estate is, and always will be, competitive and ever-changing, which is why it can be challenging to stay ahead and increase the value of your commercial property.

Mountain-n-Plains, Inc. are the experts in commercial property management, and we can help to give you some ideas on how to increase the value and make the most of your investment.

  1. Leasing company: How well do you know your management company? Have you asked the tough questions and compared their services to others in the area? Mountain-n-Plains, Inc. is Northern Colorado’s best commercial property management company. While other property managers will only handle the standard grounds care and record maintenance, Mountain-n-Plains, Inc. takes it a step further and provides asset management. Our expert managers will monitor tenant’s compliance, negotiate leases, protest property taxes, and more.

    In addition to asset management, Mountain-n-Plains, Inc. provides financial services for the property and will work directly with tenants on your behalf. Our financial services will handle taxes, insurance, mortgage, vendor, and other operating expenses. Mountain-n-Plains will collect rent and security deposits. Visit our services page to learn more. If you come across services that your current leasing management company does not currently provide, then call us today and let Mountain-n-Plains, Inc. be your professional property management company for your commercial properties.

  2. Rent: Contact the building management company for your commercial property and request for a market review to determine the average rent in your area. If you find that the property’s rent is below average, why not increase the rent? It’s basic economics, really. Your commercial property manager will assist with determining the rates and Mountain-n-Plains’ managers will handle the financial paperwork.
  3. Decrease expenses: As the rent increases, do another market review to compare your property expenses versus other properties in the same market area. Mountain-n-Plains, Inc. will analyze your expenses and advise you on the best way to decrease your property costs.
  4. Property improvements: Just as you would make improvements to your home prior to listing it, commercial property requires the same type of care. Business complexes like office buildings and shopping centers can benefit with a few cosmetic improvements. Enhancing curb appeal and updating your property’s landscape makes a significant difference. Repaving the parking lots also shows the attention you’re giving to the property, which justifies why the rent will be increased.

    Adding amenities to residential rentals like apartment complexes that offer concierge services, business centers, and fitness centers also generate income and increase the property value. 

  5. Tenants pay for utilities: Despite enticing tenants by offering to cover their utility expenses, it may actually be costing you more money. As you increase your rent to the average market rate and require tenants pay for their own, you’ll find your costs decreasing, and your property staying competitive.

Commercial real estate is rewarding, yet presents many challenges for property owners. A professional property management company like Mountain-n-Plains, Inc. will make the most out of your property. In addition to our full-service property management, our team will handle the financial aspects and asset management. Mountain-n-Plains, Inc. is the leading commercial property management team in the Fort Collins and Loveland areas.

Contact us today and learn how we can help your property!