More Tips for Renters on How to Navigate a Tight Rental Market

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Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services helps renters, both commercial and residential, find the best rentals in Fort Collins. With 40 years of property management experience and as one of the few property management companies in northern Colorado to hold both the CPM® (Certified Property Manager) and AMO® (Accredited Management Organization) distinctions, we understand the challenges you face when trying to navigate a tight rental market.

Let’s face it, Fort Collins is a very desirable place to live, offering an amazing climate, quick access to the mountains that offer world-class skiing and snowboarding, and a great educational system. Families and businesses are moving here in droves, and it’s our desire to help these families find great rental homes and amazing commercial spaces that will fit their needs. In our last blog post, we offered up tips to help renters right here in Fort Collins find a great rental property. In this blog post, we’ll continue with more tips on how to navigate the tough Fort Collins rental market. Contact us today to learn more!


Be Prepared for Less Leeway when Negotiating

With a dozen other renters clamoring for the same Fort Collins rental you are looking at, landlords don’t have to negotiate any of their terms. That being said, landlords still want quality renters who can pay the rent and take care of their property, which probably is not some of those in the dozen clamoring for a Fort Collins rental. Know what your deal-breakers are and only push for those. Ask about your others, but be willing to compromise more on those points.

Have Alternatives in Mind

With so few rentals in Fort Collins that will meet your needs, you’ll need to have a backup plan. Perhaps renting a fixer-upper could be an option. This could also pay dividends if you offer to fix up the place in exchange for a discount on rent. While not every family or business is in a position to put in the work (if you have young kids, a fixer-upper may be a hazard), having other alternatives you are willing to settle for in a tight rental market such as Fort Collins can be useful.

Offer to Rent a Home For Sale

Sometimes a rental market may be tight, but the housing market may be loose. Or, even if the housing market is robust, there are usually always those who are looking to sell their home and are willing to compromise, especially if their home has been on the market for some time. It can never hurt if you see a Fort Collins property that is for sale to approach the owner and see if they would be interested in renting the property instead.


Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services is passionate about Fort Collins and the other northern Colorado communities. We’ve been serving this community for 40 years, helping businesses and families find places they can call home and where they can thrive.

If you are new to this great city, we can offer advice on which areas of town are the best for what you are looking for (which is great for new families moving to town), as well as all of the local amenities available in the area. If you have a special need for your home or business, let us know. Our extensive knowledge of the real estate market and the Fort Collins rental market can help. As your trusted Fort Collins property management company, we’re ready to serve you. Contact us today for all your property management needs!