Upgrades To Rental Properties And When To Talk To Your Landlord

Getting Property Management Approval Before Upgrading Your Rental

When considering turning the place that you rent into the place you call home, you might have some great ideas for upgrades to the home. You’re thinking new paint, some pictures, wall decals and new curtains. Your landlord is thinking of repairs. However, some landlords could potentially allow you to make upgrades as you please, after all, you’re investing money into their equity. With that said, regardless of the upgrades you want to make, it’s important that you talk to your landlord, or at least read your lease.

Here are some examples of upgrades to your rental that you should ask your property manager or landlord about.

  • Painting – This is a big one. Painting the interior of your rental home or apartment can turn it from drab to fab. Talk to your landlord before starting, and provide them color samples.
  • Curtains – If you’re wanting to hang a curtain rod in your bedroom or living room, make sure that you’ve found the proper places to drill and ask your landlord if it’s a possibility.
  • Landscape Design – If you’re thinking that your rental home could use a facelift with flowers, tree’s or even zero scaping, it’s important that ask permission first. Otherwise you might spend money on flowers that can’t be planted.

Reading the lease for your rental home in Fort Collins is important before starting any type of upgrade project in your home. Talk to your property management company about making upgrades to the interior of your apartment for rent today.