The Value of Commercial Property Management in Fort Collins: Financial Services

Running a commercial property can be all-consuming. From responding to maintenance requests to finding new renters when your commercial tenants decide to move on, you can have a lot on your plate (and then there’s family as well).

A professional property management company in Fort Collins, such as Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services, can help. We offer the standard commercial property management services, such as the finding of tenants and caring for the grounds, as well as asset management, which is verifying tenant insurance and overseeing contractors, and financial services, which is the accounting side of commercial property management. In this blog post, we’ll review what specifically Mountain-N-Plains, the best commercial property management company in Fort Collins, does on the financial side of things. Contact us today to get started!


  • Accounting for taxes, insurance, mortgage, vendors, and other operating expenses. Let’s face it, accounting is boring. Probably most accountants will admit that accounting is boring. Yet, if you run a small business, having your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed are paramount so you don’t get audited by the IRS. A stellar commercial property management company, such as Mountain-N-Plains in Fort Collins, will handle the accounting for you for your commercial properties, which includes property taxes, insurance payments, mortgage payments, vendor payments, and all operating expenses.
  • Monthly financial reporting. It’s important when you own commercial properties to keep track of expenses. This is not only important to see if you are earning any revenue (if so, what types and what amounts), but this is also important to track any expenses your commercial properties may have incurred over the last month (such as fixing a broken water heater).
  • Rent collection and delinquency resolution. When you hire a top-notch commercial property management company in Fort Collins, such as Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services, you are counting on them to collect the rent for you from your tenants. You are also counting on them to resolve any delinquencies (failure to pay rent) as well. Your commercial property management company will keep you abreast of any rent issues, as well as help with security deposit reconciliation when tenants come and go.
  • Annual budget preparation, management, and monitoring. Another sometimes odious accounting task is budget preparation, management, and monitoring. This plays heavily into our financial reporting task as well since it’s extremely important to stay on budget and monitor it if your commercial property is to turn a profit or not. It can be easy to overspend, and a great commercial property management company in Fort Collins, such as Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services will prepare reports for you so you can make adjustments accordingly.


As you can see, Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services in Fort Collins is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to commercial property management. Besides our main financial service tasks, and our asset management and property management duties, we also go above and beyond with other miscellaneous duties in order to ensure your commercial properties are taken care of. Contact us today to learn more!