The Value of Property Management in Fort Collins: Finding the Right Renter



The whole reason you hire a property management company in Fort Collins is so you don’t have to worry. Your money shows ups as a check or direct deposit every month, so you can pay the mortgage on your rental property. You don’t have to worry about the state of your rental home in Fort Collins. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the rental check will bounce. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services is the best property management company in Fort Collins. In today’s blog post, we’ll review how we find the right residents for your home. Contact us today for all your property management needs in Fort Collins!


When renting your home, it’s crucial you find the right renters to take care of your property. You want someone who is conscientious, cares about the home they are living in, and takes care of the property. But how do you find those renters from those who don’t take care of rentals like it’s their own home? This is where the value of a property management company in Fort Collins comes into play. Below, we’ll list just a few of the screening procedures we’ve put in place in order to find the right renters.

  • Verify rental history. All potential renters fill out an application where they list their rental history, as well as reference history. We call every person on the list and ask detailed questions, such as did the applicants pay their rent on time, how was the state of the home while they were living in it, and how did they leave the home when they vacated. We also call personal references to help us determine character traits, especially if the applicants don’t have a lot of rental history. This helps us narrow down candidates for your home.
  • Verify employers. This is imperative since the applicants must be financially able to pay the rent and pay the rent on time so you can make your mortgage payment. We do our best to verify salary as well, but this is confidential information and since we’re not a lending institution, technically this is something that we can’t confirm every time.
  • Credit check. A credit check on potential applicants not only verifies employment, but it also speaks to character as well. Do the applicants pay their bills on time? Are they overextended in terms of credit?

The job of a stellar property management company in Fort Collins such as Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services is to make renting your home as seamless as possible. We handle everything, so you don’t have to. Part of doing the best job in property management is finding the best renters for your property. We do our best to screen applicants, meet with them, and take in their situation. We try to find renters who will fit your home perfectly and treat it as their home. We want our communication with you to be very minimal and always with good news. Mountain-N-Plains property management is a step above the rest. Contact us today to list your home for rent with us!