The Value of Property Management in Fort Collins: Maintaining Your Property Part 2

As all homeowners know, maintaining a home is a time-consuming and often times expensive process. From broken air conditioning in July to the need for a new driveway, homeowners face constant maintenance issues. When you partner with a property management company in Fort Collins, such as Mountain-N-Plains, for your rental home, you can rest assured that we will handle the minor maintenance issues for you so you don’t have to worry about them. In this blog post, we’ll review more maintenance services that we handle for your rental property. Contact us today to get started!


  • Annual inspections for long-term renters. Our property management company in Fort Collins will inspect your rental property for you on an annual basis for those tenants that stay longer than one year. During this time, we’ll walk through your home and just check for major damage, such as holes in walls, any sign of water damage such as water stains on your ceilings, as well as structural damage such as broken railings on stairs. We’ll inspect the outside of your rental property as well, ensuring your yard has been well taken care of in the past year. Then, we’ll send you a report so you can be assured your rental property is good for another year.
  • Periodic exterior inspections. As part of our property management services in Fort Collins, Mountain-N-Plains regularly inspects the exterior of your property. We’ll drive by, and take a peek in the backyard just to make sure everything looks good from the outside.
  • In-house maintenance technicians available 24/7 (including weekends and holidays). When something major goes wrong with your rental property, sometimes you need an emergency fix, such as a broken hot water heater. Our property management company in Fort Collins has maintenance technicians available for emergencies when you need it most. This not only takes care of your tenants who will be more likely to turn into long-term renters if maintenance issues are taken care of quickly, but this also ensure your property is well maintained as well.
  • Renters pay for professional carpet cleaning when they vacate and locks are re-keyed at their expense. It’s important to ensure no one has access to your home or a key is not floating around that can fall into the wrong hands. Every time someone moves out, we immediately have the locks rekeyed and charge the exiting tenant the expense. Our property management company in Fort Collins also has your carpets professionally cleaned every time tenants move out (again, at the tenants’ expense), which helps keep your carpets well maintained, looking nice, and lasting longer.
  • Residents receive information outlining requirements for maintaining the property and care instructions for all seasons. This helps to set the expectations for your property maintenance standards.

An amazing property management company in Fort Collins such as Mountains-N-Plains takes quality steps to ensure your property is well-maintained. We know that upkeep on a home is what preserves its value to prevent unnecessary deterioration. When you need to list your rental property, partner with our property management company in Fort Collins today!