The Value of Residential Property Management in Fort Collins: Current Fees


The value of a residential property management company in Fort Collins is hard to put a number to. Property managers perform a lot of different tasks, from finding new renters to vetting renters and making sure rent is paid. And that’s just for starters. Property management companies in Fort Collins do what it takes to not only care for your home, but to ensure the occupants take care of your home as well.

Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services is the best property management company in Fort Collins. Offering a superior customer service experience, we ensure your home or property is taken care of like it’s our own. Below, we’ll go over what exactly your property management fees cover. Contact your trusted property management company in Fort Collins today to get started!


Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services’ fees break down into three parts:

  1. Setup Fee
  2. Monthly rental proceeds fee
  3. Leasing fee for new tenants

Setup Fee

Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services has a one-time nonrefundable setup fee that includes items such as our contract with you and the time it takes to process that contract. This fee also includes important items such as utility backup setup. We setup your utilities to automatically fall to us in case there is a gap in renters. For instance, if someone moves out in November and your home is vacant in December, you don’t want your pipes bursting because the previous renters took their name off your utilities. We set this up for you in order to prevent costly accidents from happening. We also handle the re-keying (the actual re-keying falls upon the new residents), advertising, and continual ways to market your home for you.

Monthly Rental Proceeds

Currently, Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services, a property management company in Fort Collins, takes a 10% monthly rental proceed to cover mainly the interactions with your current renters that occur on a monthly basis. This would include such things as rent collection, your monthly accounting statements, reconciling security deposits for move-in and move-out times, and maintenance requests.

Leasing Fee for New Tenants

Finding good quality tenants is not easy these days. As your property management company in Fort Collins, Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services’ number one priority is ensuring the longevity of your home by maintaining it. We do this in various ways, from maintaining the physical property itself to ensuring we find the best renters for your home and property who will treat it like its their own. Thus, this fee includes us showing your property to prospective tenants, preparing the lease agreement once the tenants are found, ensuring your home is in tip-top shape when renters move out, and handling any disputes that may arise from this process.


Mountain-N-Plains Real Estate Services is privileged to take care of your rental properties for you. As the best property management company in Fort Collins, we do our utmost to find the best renters for your home and to ensure your home and property are well maintained. Our fees help us ensure we can continue to provide you with the best possible service and personnel available. Contact us today to get started!